Ireland’s Hidden Gems


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I see the ocean as a veil and at low tide this veil is lifted to allow us a chance to have peep at this fantastic microcosmic world. The beauty within these rock pools is like a jewellery box filled with gems and treasures in the shape of periwinkles, anemone, urchins, barnacles, starfish and seaweeds of all types.

Seventeen counties touch the coast of Ireland and I have traveled all them all in my campervan, capturing hundreds of images. Many of these images can be seen here.

I approached the subject matter in an entirely aesthetic and artistic manner shooting from above, looking down, and into the pools. There is a wonderful richness to the colours when viewed through shallow water providing you block out the sky.

The gear that I used during each photoshoot evolved over time, where I found my system and an assortment of clothing including:

  • Knee pads – Essential for kneeling on sharp rocks.
  • Wetsuit boots and shorts – to allow me to wade through some of the pools.
  • Gloves – to protect my hands from barnacled rocks.
  • Two umbrellas – one to block out the sky and one to act as a windbreaker.
  • Two Cameras, seven lenses, tripod and plenty of Fuji Provia 100 ISO.

The conditions for shooting were very specific. I needed mid to low tide, bright light and little or no wind. I got very lucky as regards weather but I rarely got light wind which made my work challenging. Waiting for a break in the gusting wind while crouched over certainly tested my back.

The end result are the pictures that you will see here and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed the whole journey.

I have become aware since beginning this project that, although there is a huge range of images here, I have barely scratched the surface as of the enormous diversity of life that dwells in the magical zone between low and high tide.

We have a particularly unique coastline for such a small island and the images that you see here are accessible to us all. Just take a spin out to your closest coast at low tide and explore the wonders within. The infinite and diverse beauty that you will find among these hidden pools will ignite a warming light in your spirit that breathes a deep satisfaction to be connecting, once again, with our beloved nature.