Out of Thin Air | PhotoBook

It begins with a snowflake…

Born high above us within cold grey clouds, the simple act of water vapour freezing creates a minute crystalline ice sculpture that appears literally out of thin air. This snowflake falls to earth with a multitude of others that over thousands of years compact to form a moving sheet of ice, the glacier. Where it meets the ocean, mountainous pieces of ice break off the face of the glacier and become icebergs. Buffeted by wind and wave, towering bergs are ground down until finally they melt back into the ocean from whence they came, the cycle complete.

In June 2013 Irish photographer Daragh Muldowney set sail for Greenland on board the Killary Flyer. The photography exhibition and the photobook 'Out of Thin Air' document this expedition, recording the beauty of the arctic landscape.

Abstract views, sculptural forms and grand vistas gently guide the viewer on a journey through this alien landscape.

Out of Thin Air delicately documents these finite forms: 'Countless exquisite works of art, journeying with the tide, that mostly go unseen'.


  • Hardcover
  • Cloth bound with dropped image
  • Endpapers with UV spot graphic
  • 104 pages in full colour
  • 285mm x 335mm
  • 42 colour images

'Out of Thin Air' was the winner of the Landscape Category at the FEP European Photobook of the Year Award 2015



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