Jewellery Box | Ireland’s Hidden Gems

Jewellery Box – Ireland’s Hidden Gems is a collection of over forty fine art nature photographs focusing on the elements of nature found in rock pools all around Ireland, revealing a world that so often goes unnoticed by the naked eye. Their distinctive inhabitants such as periwinkles, anemones, urchins and all types of seaweed have presented Daragh with a unique canvas to photograph.

Daragh travelled to seventeen coastal counties of Ireland (including counties Antrim, Down and Derry in Northern Ireland) and the results show his exceptional photographic technique and ability to see beyond the norm, with his instinctive ability to see the colours, texture and patterns of nature and translate these elements into some amazing abstract works of art.

“The photographs for the exhibition and book have brought back wonderful childhood memories of exploring pools where tiny creatures in their own magical world kept me entertained for hours. Travelling around our beautiful island of Ireland in my campervan over several months has given me great insight into the variation of the landscape, geology and life of our seashores. I am now looking forward to sharing the images with as wide an audience as possible as a reminder of the beauty and wonder of nature that are Ireland’s beautiful shores.”


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