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Aloe Curves
Limited edition: 2 of 100
Banana Leaf
Limited edition: 27 of 100
Bertra Gold
Open edition print
Limited edition: 0 of 50
Borth Sunset
Limited edition: 11 of 30
Fractal Leaf
Limited edition: 34 of 100
Greener Pastures
Open edition print
Hyne Ivy
Limited edition: 20 of 100
Inisbeg Reeds
Limited edition: 8 of 20
Lansolin Lines
Limited edition: 26 of 100
Leaf Veins
Limited edition: 35 of 100
Marsyandi Green
Limited edition: 7 of 20
Monetier Rings
Limited edition: 26 of 100
Palolem Leaf
Limited edition: 4 of 20
Petrified Wood
Limited edition: 19 of 100
Pine Cone
Limited edition: 48 of 100
Rush Shells 2
Open edition print
Self Portrait
Limited edition: 7 of 30
Sri Leaf
Limited edition: 3 of 12
Tower Leaf
Limited edition: 14 of 100
Limited edition: 4 of 30
Water Genie
Open edition print
Wave Rock
Limited edition: 31 of 100



Dúlra - Irish for Nature’s elements

This collection of images of Air, Earth, Fire, Water are where I began with taking abstract photographs of Nature. In the early days I loved spending time with Nature (I still do) and I loved photographing anything pure and direct from the abundance of beauty that surrounds us all. I had no constraints so anywhere I went if I got captivated by the infinite wonders I would take out my trusty camera and snap away.

The images are grouped into their respective elements. Air is represented by Sky, Fire by flame and embers, Earth by trees, plants and rocks, Water by water, Ice and snow.
Some of these images have been the catalyst for my collections.

Blue Ice and Lansolin Lines are the 2 images that started the ‘Sand & Ice’ Collection, Virgin Snow helped me to see snow in a different way and ‘Celtic Winters’ was born.

Trails and Tory Seaweed were the beginnings of ‘Jewellery Box’.

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