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The Inner State - a poem by Jimmy Stewart

Image which inspired Jimmy to write the poem

One of the greatest compliments I have received about my work was when a couple called Jimmy & Mary bought one of my pieces at the Craft Fair in Dublin one Christmas.

I got a call the next day from Jimmy telling me he got inspired to write a poem about me and my work. Definitely, the warmest compliment yet for someone to sit down and write some beautiful words.

You can read the poem here.

I gifted you beauty
The inner State
So to awe and wonder
You could relate

I gifted you
An all seeing eye
So that simple things
You could enjoy

I gifted you
The rainbows arc
At break of day
The orange spark

At evening tide
The setting sun
Bomb fires dance
Days had its fun

I gifted you
The sandy shore
Knowing you could savour
So much more

I gifted you
The raindrops dance
So your living life
Would be enhanced

I gifted you the flame
Of the inner Light
So you could help people
Through their fear of night

I gifted you the labyrinth
Of time and free will
Karmic surrender
The joy of being still

I gifted you stillness
Where nothing can intrude
As trying is interpreter
On Lifes interlude

I gifted you nature
To a tune you could dance
So reflections of beauty
Would be enhanced

I gifted you colour
Reflectors, white pools
Through the lens of a camera
You find sparkling jewels

I gifted you dusk
In a pink clouded sky
Recognition of Love
In those who pass by

I gifted you female
She’s been there from the start
When you see the reflection
You’ll know loves pure art

I gifted you clouds
On the passage of time
To know all’s ever changing
There’s no yours or mine

All gifts are of Life
They come through the form
Long before conception
The Divine is the norm

So what more can I say
Man of noble heart
Stay open to surrender
Life is all art

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